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Does reversibility negate bioethical violation? The human reproductive system is unique as it is the only system that requires a complimentary body to complete its function. All other systems are closed, and self-supporting. The great challenge of the human person is mastering and respecting one’s own reproductive powers.Read Article

On Ireland

Supporters of Repeal the 8th hold a celebration party in Ireland

The election results from Ireland last month were heartbreaking. More than that, they were disconcerting. Irish voters went to the polls to repeal a constitutional ban on abortion. The jubilant pictures from the watch parties were difficult to stomach. Is abortion really something to celebrate? Read Article

Religion & Bioethics

Church facade in a public sqaure

We’re all at fault for our polarized culture. In public and private debate, we retreat with haste to ad hominem attacks and identity politics, arguing against a point (or a person) instead of strongly advocating for our own view. One of most effective tactics is to claim that the opposing party is attempting to impose their religious beliefs on another. That argument is disingenuous on its face, because in all debate, one party hopes to apply their worldview on the other.Read Article