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Talking About Vaccines

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When your child is due for vaccinations, print out the list of ethical alternative vaccines and discuss them with your healthcare provider. In my experience, the vaccines that are usually given are unethical, but the office typically stocks, or can readily order, the ethical alternative for your child.

Healthcare is all about communication. Explain to the provider that you object to the use of vaccines developed from the cell lines of aborted humans, and that you would like to use the ethical alternatives listed on the chart. Discuss which ethical alternatives they have in their storage and which need to be ordered in order to complete the vaccination course. A follow-up appointment in a few days, or a referral to the local health department may be required.

Most importantly, verify with the professional administering the vaccine that it is, in fact, the proper ethical alternative. Sometimes information gets missed or isn’t passed along, and so, as the parent, you need to ensure that the vaccine is the correct one.

Vaccination is extremely important and is a serious matter to consider. Even more important is the ethical vaccination of your child. Review the facts, discuss with your spouse, evaluate the risks against the latest research and decide together on the course of action. Medical research can vary widely and a single study is not sufficient for decision making. Instead, consider the entire body of research before reaching a conclusion.

Parents can protect the lives of their children and those whom they come into contact with by choosing to vaccinate in an ethical way.